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Norway Beach Turns 100!

What has you excited in 2022?

Maybe you’re looking forward to the 2022 Winter Olympics or the hopeful end of the COVID-19 virus.

But in 2022, Norway Beach Resort is most excited to celebrate 100 years! Yes, it’s true! NBR has been a destination for families and fishermen since 1922.

When you hear that Norway Beach is 100 years old, does that really sink in? It’s been on my mind since last summer, but it really sank in for me when I talked to some former owners.

I’m blessed to be Norway Beach’s steward as she turns 100, but I can’t take all the credit. I look back in history and think about all the previous owners, including SG Trent, Edgar Peterson, Steve Routledge, the Forderors, and also the Hendrys. Each owner has added their own unique touch to make it a place that people like you love to visit year after year. They’ve each contributed to NBR’s success over these last 100 years.

I’d like to think we all shared somewhat of the same vision toward this special place. Norway Beach has shown me many visions and whispers over the last 4 years, and I’m confident other owners heard them too. Many of you know about these whispers and visions that show themselves to us on occasion. I fully believe angels are singing to us in the woods some nights.

Bob Trent, the grandson of owner SG Trent came back to Norway Beach last May for the first time since 1955. Watching him walk around, taking the whole resort in, was a special moment. While reliving his childhood memories at the resort, he confirmed that he, too, has heard the whispers. Bob told me that his grandfather, SG, would be proud of what I’ve done with the resort. It meant a lot to me. But at the same time, I told him it wasn’t just me. Everyone that has owned the resort since SG Trent has had a hand in keeping the resort a special destination.

Yes, I’ve done a lot at Norway Beach since I took ownership in 2018. We’ve added on to the cabins, remodeled them, and made them ADA compliant, in addition to expanding the fish cleaning facilities. But none of this could’ve happened without the changes the owners before me made.

In fact, SG Trent built cabin 10 himself in 1952 and some guests still call it the "Trent Cabin.” NBR has had a total of 29 cabins over the years. In the 1930s, the Forestry Service started moving some of the cabins off the resort. Some cabins are still standing and being used on Star Island. There’s 1 over on Strawberry Point too.

Above all else, Norway Beach Resort has been a blessing to not only my family and me, but to you – our guests. And it’s been a blessing to meet all of you! While we have a large number of guests that have been visiting year after year for many years, Norway Beach has a family that’s been visiting since 1933! Now that’s something that’s special and rare nowadays. At this point, they’re no longer guests, they’re family. I’m talking to you, Buckley/Meldahl/Hutchinson Family!

It is an honor to us that guests like you choose to come back every year. For those of you that haven’t visited Norway Beach Resort yet, we’d love the chance to show you why so many love the resort dearly.

It’s not just the beautiful, massive Cass Lake that brings you back each year. It’s the memories of a child’s first ride on the pontoon, the smile on their face as the wind blows through their hair. It’s rainy days spent in the game room and s’mores over the open fire as the sun sets. It’s catching your first muskie or walleye or hiking a trail on Star Island for the first time.

Norway Beach Resort is a culmination of all those wonderful summer memories and more.

To celebrate the magic of Norway Beach Resort in its 100th year this year, we’ll be planning a lot of fun this summer. For example, we will have a wall of fame for you to sign with your name and the date your family started coming up to the resort. We’ll have special cookouts on Wednesdays throughout the summer and we’ll host Throwback Thursdays, where you can wear your old Norway Beach Resort swag and have the chance to be featured on our Facebook page. Stay tuned as we get closer to the start of our season for more announcements.

I can assure each of you that I’m committed to this special place. I hope I’ve shown you that and I’ll be doing everything possible to keep the resort as close to the original as I can in the future – but with a few more updates. (Sorry kids, still no TVs!) Our updates are going as planned, and I know you’ll be smiling when you drive in next season!

My hopes are for Norway Beach Resort to see her 150th year and maybe even her 200th. She is that special of a resort that I think she just might!

Everyone, thank you very much! We look forward to watching your families as they make more memories during our 100th year in 2022.




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