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Hello everyone, I’m Jimmy Williams! I have long loved the outdoors and always carried the dream to one day be a steward of land, providing families a place where lifelong memories are formed. I grew up fishing with my late grandfather Martin Jacobson who was instrumental in my development and passion for the outdoors. I passed down my passions and was blessed to have 3 daughters who have all spent time with me in the boat. My family is fully committed to our newest venture “up north” at Norway Beach. We strive to provide you, the guest, the most enjoyable, memorable time for your families. This is my promise to you.


Norway Beach has many planned renovations over the next few months, and we are partnering with some organizations I feel are important, such as the Minnesota Special Olympics, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and Adopt-A-Grandparent. I feel very strongly that every person young or old should be introduced or re-introduced to the beautiful outdoors. While our renovations are being completed we will gain all ADA certifications to ensure our commitment to our guests and their families.


Jimmy, Dana, Kourtney, Payton and Lexi, welcome you to Norway Beach Resort.



Originally built in the early 1920’s, with research that dates back to 1922, Norway Beach Resort has been a resort destination for generations of families. Cass Lake has been known for hundreds of years as one the best fishing lakes in the area and is one of the largest lakes within the chain of the Mississippi River and lake system. Star Island is one of the most unique features on Cass Lake and a must-see, Star Island has over 8 miles of hiking trails and is also home to a lake inside the, Lake Windigo. 

Norway Beach changed hands over the years and in 2003 was purchased by Richard Hendry. Richard and Tammy saw what I saw when I first entered this beautiful piece of property and I’m proud to have purchased Norway Beach in 2018.

Over the next few years we look forward to adding our touches to the long history that is Norway Beach Resort. Norway Beach Resort fully intends on providing a serene setting for our guests, that so many previous families have enjoyed by the many splendors in northern Minnesota. Each guest will be treated with the kind of respect and attention that is reserved for families. We invite you to become part of Norway Beach history and the many families that call us “their lake”.

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